Cateina Technologies - API Specialist - REST/SOAP/JSON/XML

Job Description


Job Description :
Cateina Technologies is looking for API Specialist with the following skillset :
Technical Skills :
- Development and implementation of complex Internet and Intranet applications on multiple platforms.
- Recommend architectural improvements, design solutions and integration solutions.
- Design N/W architecture and extranet Integration.
- Experience in designing and developing API's.
- Experience in installation and configuration of Datapower, API Connect and Advance Developer Portal for standalone and cluster environment
- Implemented different services like MPGW, WAF, WebServiceProxy, Web XML firewall in Datapower.
- Experience in configuring the API Connect Cloud with Datapower.
- Configuration and Customization of Developer Portal.
- Backup and Restore of API Connect Configuration data, API's and Products.
- Integration with an external user registry.
- Designed LoopBack Application.
- Implement user-defined policies, built-in policies, security definition, gateway script, error handling for API's.
- Experience of integrating internal and external applications using various protocols and message formats - REST, SOAP, JSON, XML.
- Excellent communication skills
- Ability to work in teams and collaborate with various stakeholders


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