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  • Published : 2022-11-08
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Graduation Projects — Communication Design

Hello and Welcome!

Who are we?

Atlas Consolidated Pte Ltd. owns and operates two brands — Hugosave, a consumer finance app and Hugoserve, a Fintech as a Service, enterprise level platform.

Atlas is Headquartered in Singapore and an Engineering and Design hub in Hyderabad, India.


Hugosave is a consumer finance app with a digital account that addresses financial wellbeing or what we term as Wealthcare® It helps customers spend, save and invest smarter, starting with gold. Our ambition is to develop SE Asia’s first truly integrated financial super-app.

Our Purpose: Hugosave exists to bring financial wellbeing to everybody.

Our Mission: Help everyone develop healthy financial habits.

Our Vision: Financially healthy & thriving communities.

With features like Roundups, customers can automatically turn their loose change into long-term savings, Money Pots help set and track financial goals and Hugosave’s Gold Vault allows everyone to include gold in their plans for as little as $0.01.

The idea behind Hugosave is to ensure financial inclusion so that Wealthcare® is both accessible and achievable by one and all.


Hugoserve is a Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS) Platform offering single point access to a fully managed suite of financial service capabilities.

Hugoserve exists to solve 3 complex and time consuming problems the financial services industry faces:
  • Integrating with 3rd parties
  • Diversifying product offerings
  • Maintaining compliance

Our Vision for the next 5 years?

We want to be the leading and most trusted Wealthcare® partner for consumers, corporates and employers across South East Asia in the next five years. Our technology application enables financial inclusion, and Hugosave aims to be the significant 'powerhouse' for change in financial services across SE Asia.

What are we helping solve with an Internship Programme?

Our most precious capital is both financial and human. We leverage our financial capital to hire, retain, motivate and ultimately align employees with our collective goals to achieve our long-term success. Success being defined as our north star of our Purpose, Mission and Vision.

We believe doing an internship/project with corporates is symbiotic for both — Students and Corporates. It gives a chance to learn, understand and complement each other's skill sets and perspectives, while trying to solve real-world problems in real-time contexts, as a global team.

Potential future employees: It gives an opportunity to gain experience through a broad exposure and insight to an early-stage FinTech organisation i.e., the drive, pace, chaos and excitement of being in a young organisation. In the process, we get to “test drive” to assess each other accurately as potential employer and entry-level hires, respectively.

Enhanced perspective: Having graduation project students who bring to the table, their learnings over 3+ yrs of design education, adds fresh ideas to the business and unbiased perspectives on the inner workings of Hugosave and Hugoserve. It gives us a chance to work with go-getters who may not necessarily have a lot of experience but have a lot of energy and are highly motivated. Interns also bring specialised skill sets (augmenting our team skills) that can be further built into transferable skills by hands-on training on our real-time projects that require in-depth work.

Learning and mentoring: The design team, being newly created for Hugoserve, will benefit from the thought process, experience and camaraderie of the talented young design team for Hugosave — all of whom are from NIDs. Lead by an alumna of NID, with over 25yrs of experience who also teaches as Visiting Faculty at several design institutions.

We look forward to helping graduation project students participate in rewarding projects that align well not only with their academic requirements but also help them transition seamlessly as professionals.

What do we offer as part of a Graduation Project?

Knowing the design process and requirements of Graduation Projects, we are offering the opportunity for comprehensive design intervention in these areas:

UX Research
Project 1. For the product design life cycle of the fintech app — Hugosave to get insights to better the experience of the users and to help expand effectively into other countries with different cultures.

Project 2. For the FaaS platform — Hugoserve. Understanding the interface between our partners, customers and internal program management teams.

Project 1: Design of enterprise level Hugoserve Platform
Project 2: Design of the admin part of the enterprise level Hugoserve Platform


Project: Design of the Brand Identity and Visual Design System for Hugoserve

Graphic Design

Project: For internal, stakeholder, investor and partnership communications. Plus marketing communication across touch points.


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