Bid Cost Manager


  • Full Time
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka

  • Published : 2022-11-15
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Job Description

  • Job Title Accounts, Finance, Tax, Company Secretary, Audit
  • Salary 850,000 INR

Required Skills

School Degree



  • To prepare, lead and manage all costing and pricing aspects of a tender within the tender team, with the support of Finance Tender Manager on all financial aspects (from Business Opportunity Review up to Tender Transfer Meeting)
  • To support Bid manager or Bid sub-system managers on target cost, cost consolidation and cost challenge per sub-system
  • To support the Project team on costing aspects until CPR1 (Critical Project Review n1)
  • Only for RSC Project with high level of development or gaps: to support Project team on costing aspects


Organization structure (job belongs to..)

Region/Site/Project and Bid

Reports directly to:

Cost Director, or Bid/Project Director

Other reporting to:

Not applicable

Direct reports:

On case by case

Network & Links


  • Tender Team (Bid manager, Tender leader, Bid sub-system managers, Finance Tender Manager, Project planning manager, Bid technical manager) or Project team (all PrxM involved)
  • Tender control
  • Product cost manager, Platform cost manager and PUs cost managers
  • Competitiveness managers, Ref Lib managers
  • Other functions/ Mtiers: Engineering, Finance, Industrial, Sourcing, etc


  • Customer (on demand)
  • Partners (on demand)
  • Suppliers (on demand)
  • Value analysis consultant (on demand)


Key accountabilities:

  • Prepare quick costing during pre-tendering phase, based on product cost database and return of experience from project execution
  • Support the Bid manager in the preparation of the IFQ (Instruction For Quotation), in accordance with pricing strategy
  • Define the cost structure for the bid according to RFP (terms and conditions, etc), sales requirements, etc
  • Define target cost per activities and/or sub system in coordination with Bid sub-system managers, matching with winning price and identified gaps versus Reference Solution
  • Lead cost estimation activities based on target cost approach with all participating units and mtiers
  • Lead cost improvement actions to reach tender cost /target price using all competitiveness levers, and challenge the contributors
  • Lead a collaborative work with Finance Tender Manager to optimize Financial costs (bonds, financing, hedging, insurance, taxes, etc), and to improve overall competitiveness of the bid
  • Consolidate tender costs commitment and selling price as per financial rules and in the consolidation tool (Mercury/2.1/ or Ody.C)
  • Control the level of robustness of the costing (consistency between scope of work, costing received and planning), and use the Costing robustness assessment grid
  • Support proactively the Bid manager and the Finance Tender Manager during the tender validation process
  • Prepare the Costing package for TRM (Tender Review Meeting) (cost analysis/bridges, standard report, cash curve, etc), and support the tender leader on the preparation of the pricing sheet for the customer
  • Lead cost estimation activities, in coordination with Bid sub-system manager, for changes discussed with the customer during negotiation phase and update the cost commitment
  • Transfer tender costing data (with related assumptions) to Project (TTM / Tender Transfer Meeting) + variance analysis (from TRM/ Tender Review Meeting -->TTM/ Tender Transfer Meeting)
  • Support on demand the Project team on costing for variation orders
  • Only for RSC Projects with high level of development or gaps, and in coordination with Design to Cost team (Train cost leaders and Product cost managers) and Sub-system managers:
  • Define and monitor detailed cost target for Product /process items to be developed, in line with Project/Product cost baseline
  • Participate on costing activities during design phase on solution definition, and give the Go/No Go from Product cost perspective
  • Check if proposed solutions are in line or not with Project cost baseline, and escalate if needed
  • Coordinate value analysis during design phase, with the support of Product cost manager and DtC manager; if the activities are subcontracted, coordinate them
  • Build comparisons on different solutions and support Make or Buy evaluations (in coordination with the Finance Project Manager)
  • Animate and collect at train level all cost reduction initiatives (ideas collection and preliminary studies)
  • Consolidate variable cost at train level and track appropriate KPIs in PCP (Product Cost Platform) tool

Performance measurements:

  • Provide all costing and pricing deliverables on time
  • Accuracy and consistency of cost commitment for tender submittal and for tender negotiation
  • Reliability of cost commitment between TTM and CPR0, out of change of scope/planning/global environment
  • Only for RSC Project with high level of development or gaps: keep under control Product variable cost (accuracy of landing)


Educational Requirements


  • Engineering degree and/or Business School


  • Certified Cost Professional Experience


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in Industry


  • Experience in Railway industry
  • Knowledgeable of Costing, in similar industry

Competencies & Skills


  • Ability to recognize product and associated costs, and understand operational flows (engineering, manufacturing, industrial, etc)
  • Ability to analyze and challenge contributor's commitments
  • Ability to define cost impact of terms & conditions
  • Sufficient awareness of financial rules and contractual aspects (bonds & guarantees, )
  • Experience in Value analysis, Product cost and Cost models
  • Rigor and good analytical skills
  • Fluent in English


  • Results and data driven
  • Curiosity for the product and its environment
  • Ability to work in network (with Bid manager, Tender leader, Finance Tender Manager, other contributors)
  • Good communication skill (presentations, synthesis, relationship with contributors ...)
  • Comfortable in an international and a multi-cultural environment
  • Ability to deliver on-time
  • Transparency, autonomy, anticipation, initiative, reactivity

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