Shiv Nadar University - Commerce Faculty (6-14 yrs)

Job Description

Required Skills



Shiv Nadar University, Chennai invites applications for faculty positions across levels and in the Commerce streams of its program offerings. The applicants must have an excellent academic record and should have demonstrated potential for excellence in research and teaching in areas of Accounting, Management, Finance and Taxation.

Qualification and Experience as per UGC Norms.

For the following positions :


Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Role Definition:

The faculty performs the roles of Teacher, Mentor, Communicator, Leader, Administrator, Researcher, Coordinator, Friend, Philosopher and Guide to the students.

Responsibilities and Authorities:

- To prepare for the allotted subject to be handled well in advance

- To prepare and maintain the lesson plan of the allotted subject

- To prepare the notes of lesson, laboratory manual of the topic/subject to be handled well in advance

- To acquaint themselves with lab experiment

- To handle both theory and laboratory classes as per the time table

- To monitor the general discipline of the students inside the class

- To maintain the students class attendance in the class record book

- To conduct unit tests and model exams

- To prepare the question papers for the class test, model exam etc

- To invigilate the theory exams

- To give assignments to the students on selected topics in the concerned subject

- Handling the classes to the highest level of student's satisfaction

- To guide project, if allotted in particular

- To Conduct class tests / tutorials

- To Maintain morale and high discipline

- To Co-operate with administration

- To present papers for news letters

- To help conduct co-curricular and extra curricular activities

- To arrange cultural programs, if entrusted in particular

- To take appropriate course of correction on students performance

- To guide the students regarding the books, instruments for the various subjects

- To correct the answer scripts of the class test, model exams and return them in time

- To identify and counsel the students who lack in performance on the subject concerned.

- To make Internal Assessment in respective subject

- To involve in Research and Consultancy

- The University offers a very competitive and attractive compensation and benefits program, commensurate with the qualifications and relevant experience of the applicants. The compensation includes Provident Fund, medical benefits including hospitalization, term life and personal accident insurance, gratuity provision, Leave Travel Assistance, contribution towards NPS, reimbursement of telephone bills and books, periodicals and membership of professional societies etc., with ample flexibility to suit one's personal needs and wants.

- In addition to the compensation, the University provides avenues for the Faculty Professional Development in the form -of a dedicated provision for every faculty member to be utilized as per University norms. Faculty Research Incentive program is aimed at promoting, encouraging, and rewarding the research, consulting and external projects initiatives taken by the faculty members. University also runs an attractive long-term reward program to celebrate the meritocracy and association of its faculty members.

- Towards promoting the work-life balance and enabling a walk-to-work ecosystem, on-campus family accommodation on subsidized rentals, with many amenities and facilities within the sprawling, the green campus will be provided for the interested candidates.