Loss Prevention Manager

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Job Description : Job Responsibilities : 1. Carry out the Risk Assessment of company Assets and implementmitigation measures under the overall Risk Management framework of RIL2. Support business for ensuring safe and secure environment for allcustomers, visitors and employees within his / her jurisdiction3. Drive implementation of asset protection for all business sites /offices of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. (RJIL) in a comprehensive mannerto include, deployment of security automation systems (SAS), employeeattendance management support to HR, access management, automatedvisitor management, watch listing programme, physical deployment ofmanpower as per design basis4. Implement standard control measures such as Audits and otherchecks for the mapped sites5. Conduct periodic training of employees for fire and emergencyresponse procedures as per Policy6. Achieve proactive approach for loss prevention operations acrossthe business through video and data analytics including Impressions ofContact (IOC), exception based audits, inventory checks, cash audits andtrend analysis, support business for accuracy of shrink data,7. Develop responsive information sharing mechanism with business,vendors, Agency staff and including customers to obtain leads / inputswhich will help the team to be proactive in its approach Take-up storespecific issues for closure with respective stakeholders (store manager/ staff)8. Coordinate first response capability within your team to manageincidents and crisis situations to prevent risk to life and any damageto assets9. Support HR to create requisite deterrence against maliciousshrink through training, process checks, investigations and follow upand time bound closure with proper Learning From Incidents (LFI)10. Create goodwill among local LEAs for information sharing, FIRfiling support and legal follow up of cases (as required)11. Support business during crisis situations through coordinationwith the Security Operations Centre (SOC), SLP field resources andbusiness teams12. Undertake training and development of SLP teams in SLP processesand loss prevention techniques13. Build and maintain relationship with store / site level internalstake holders and external interfaces through interaction as per centralSLP guidelines on the subject14. Ensure adherence to outsourced physical deployment as perapproved design basis and utilization of operations budget within theoverall plan. Concurrently devise systems and processes for optimizationof outsourced deployment in consultation with the NHQ SLP team15. Investigate all cases of Thefts, Misappropriations, Misconductsas per defined process and follow-up with respective stakeholders forclosure of actions. Skills & Competencies : 1. Security & loss prevention exposure2. Effective leadership of a team including management of outsourcedsecurity manpower3. Customer service & result oriented4. Capable of effective communication and Coordination with internal andexternal interfaces5. Experience of working on security automation systems and differentsecurity technology applications6. Data and video analytics7. Drive and determination with a result oriented mindset with proactiveapproach to8. Possess skill in carrying out risk assessment checks, governanceaudits and investigations and closure of incidents

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