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Job Description

Required Skills




Data Stewards will align with the Data Governance Office in TTS to drive the Data Governance function in their respective areas. They will need to understand and implement all data policies as part of Data Governance. They will also need to understand the TTS data strategy to ensure that all data related work is aligned with that strategy. They will need to ensure that there is a repository of Trusted Sources of data and drive consumption only from those sources. In addition, they will be responsible for the identification of Critical Data Elements (CDEs) and their management. Data Stewards will also be the key custodians of Data Quality. They will ensure that Data Quality issues are actively tracked, managed and remediated in a timely manner working with all stakeholders. They will also drive compliance with Data Standards as per policies.

Data Stewards must understand the data technology landscape and the data policies applicable to at TTS. They should have a strong background in Data Architecture and a deep understanding of Data Management processes such as ingestion, processing, data quality and data consumption. They should understand how data flows between processing points in the business, so that they can help manage system/data lineage and data tracing. They also need to be very well versed in the Regulatory and Risk/Compliance environment at Citi. They need to understand and ensure compliance with Data Privacy, Access Controls, Data Encryption and Cross Border Clearances policies.

Data Steward will act as a key point of contact for those creating and consuming data within their respected data domain(s). Additionally, they will be driving the team to interact directly with key domain and project stakeholders, other data stewards across the organization and relevant SMEs throughout the organization as necessary.

Data Stewards will have matrixed reporting to all Product Data Governance Officers and will work in tandem with them to ensure that there is strict compliance with all of the above tasks.

Key Responsibilities:

Analyze and understand the Data Strategy at TTS. Drive project reviews to ensure alignment with the Data Strategy. This will include quickly learning details of multiple business processes especially concerning data usage and movement. This also includes the ability to think laterally and flexibly to understand business needs and opportunities as compared to current state and discuss/brainstorm these situations with business and technology partners. Must be able to break down complex problems, question assumptions and be comfortable making high impact decisions with limited information and some degree of uncertainty.
Ensure compliance with Citi Data Management Policy. Drive acceptance of data standards and policies in each assigned product and region
Responsible for comprehensive Data Governance for assigned product in a region. Define policies, procedures, and processes for cleaning, mastering, governing, and documenting data for the assigned product in a region.
Review all data assets to identify Critical Data Elements (CDEs) and socialize these with the wider organization. Implement controls, identify Trusted Sources, provide monitoring and build/review scorecards. Monitor key data management and governance metrics to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the critical data within their domain(s).
Profile the data and define appropriate data quality rules especially for critical attributes to ensure reliable data
Accountable to ensure that all TTS data quality issues are addressed reliably and in a timely fashion as per Citis processes. Participate in root cause analysis, coordinate with stakeholders, facilitate communication across Business, Operations and Technology and assume responsibility for end to end resolution
Responsible for identifying and managing trusted sources of data sets while guiding users and application development to use them
Keep abreast of Citis data standards from the chief data office (CDO) and disseminate these in the TTS organization and ensure adherence. Provide feedback back to the CDO from asset class specific experiences and challenges.
Define, maintain and advise relevant stakeholders as appropriate on Data Governance related matters.
Provide recommendations and supporting documentation for new or proposed data standards, business rules and policy
Provide advice on various projects and initiatives to ensure that any data related changes and dependencies are identified, communicated and managed to ensure adherence with the Data Governance established standards.
Coordinate across the organization with fellow Data Stewards on strategic initiatives, in order to maintain consistency of Citi TTS operational and analytical data across all Asset Classes.
Conduct regular review of Process Taxonomy and corresponding process maps to ensure network diagram, business controls and master data remain correctly represented. Maintain Process ownership details with key individuals across Business and O&T.
Drive creation of current state process maps beginning with transaction inception all the way through to management and regulatory reporting.
Drive the creation of target state process maps. Identify all reference data and master data used or created within the processes, and confirm corresponding business controls.
Document data/system lineage and data tracing through all hops for each business process and coordinate with Technology to create corresponding Lineage toolset. Manage technical metadata requirements and inputs related to Business CDEs and coordinate Lineage tasks and test activities between Business, Operations and Technology. Manage all Business Glossaries
Help identify the need for enterprise-level data standards based on strategic business objectives and the evolution of enterprise-level capabilities and analytical requirements
Collaborate across the organization to ensure consistent and effective execution of data governance and management principles across TTS analytical systems and data domains.
Drive alignment of Business/Operational Processes with firm wide Risk and Controls initiatives
Develop deep understanding of the Risk and Regulatory programs in TTS including Cross Border Clearances. Steer the Data programs and Application Development to ensure compliance with all Risk and Regulatory programs

Qualifications and Competencies

B.S or M.S. Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent
8 years of experience in formal Data Governance within a global company; Strong data management background who understands data, data architecture, how to ingest data, process data, consume data, data quality, and stewardship.
5 years of experience working in the Finance and Vendor master data domains, associated elements/processes, involved systems and interdependent data.
8 years of experience working in data management with Code mining, Data Mining, Visual data Lineage, System to system Lineage as Information Steward.
3 years of experience leading/managing a large data team.
Extremely proficient in SQL queries, data analysis and profiling, data quality monitoring rules and data quality issues resolution. Experience in using a Data Visualization tool like Tableau a strong plus.
Must have excellent analytical and business skills
Knowledge of technologies such as Manta, Solidatus, other Data Lineage and Data Quality tools.

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