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  • Job Title Vice President Sales Operations

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The Vice President Sales Operations (VPSO) directs the firms support investments in sales force effectiveness and manages functions essential to sales force productivity. These include planning, reporting, quota setting and management, sales process optimization, sales training, sales program implementation, sales compensation design and administration, and recruiting and selection of sales force talent.

Job Responsibilities: Designs, implements, and manages sales forecasting, planning, and budgeting processes. Establishes high levels of quality, accuracy, and process consistency in planning, forecasting, and budgeting approaches used by the sales organization. Ensures planning, forecasting and budgeting efforts are appropriately integrated with other planning processes employed within the firm.
Provides leadership to the sales organization, and counsel to the Senior Vice President Sales, in implementing sales organization objectives that appropriately reflect the firms business goals.
Responsible for equitably assigning sales force quotas and ensuring the firms financial objectives are optimally allocated to all sales channels and resources through the quota program.
Accountable for the timely assignment of all sales organization objectives.
Partners with senior sales leadership to identify opportunities for sales process improvement. Facilitates successful implementation of new programs through the sales organization by ensuring a well-defined, efficient sales process is in place for launch. Fosters an organization of continuous process improvement.
Prioritizes investments in enabling technologies in support of sales organization productivity. Works closely with the Senior VP Sales and Chief Technology Officer to understand firm sales and technology strategy. Recommends changes and enhancements to the company Customer Relationship Management technology platform.
Responsible for the optimal deployment of sales personnel. Makes recommendations for changing sales roles, coverage models, or team configurations to maximize sales productivity.
Leads a change management process to build organizational understanding of proposed changes, establish support from key leadership stakeholders, and effectively implement new deployment and job models.
Works closely with senior sales leadership to define the optimal performance measurements and performance management programs required to ensure sales organization success. Aligns reporting, training, and incentive programs with these performance management priorities.
Ensures sales reports and other internal intelligence is provided to the sales organization. Develops new reporting tools as needed. Coordinates with sales leadership and other stakeholders to lead efficient and accurate sales force reporting initiatives.
Working closely with sales leadership and Human Resources, establishes a sales force training plan focused on developing and reinforcing critical sales competencies. Prioritizes training objectives for selling, sales management, and sales support roles.
Working with Human Resources and senior sales leadership, designs sales incentive compensation programs that provide market-competitive pay, reinforce sales organization strategy, and align with business and sales organization objectives.
Establish sales compensation program rules, policies, and procedures. Ensures sufficient resources are assigned to adequately administer sales compensation programs. Works closely with Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources to establish rules, policies, and procedures associated with sales compensation.

ACCOUNTABILITY AND PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Achievement of firm sales, profit, and strategic objectives.
Accountable for the on-time implementation of sales organization quotas and performance objectives.
Responsible for the efficient allocation of technology, support, and training resources impacting the sales organization.
Accountable for accurate and on-time reporting essential for sales organization effectiveness.
Achievement of strategic objectives defined by company management.

QUALIFICATIONS: Masters in business administration (MBA) or equivalent preferred.
Minimum 5 years of sales or sales management experience in a business to business sales environment.
Minimum 5 years in a sales operation, business planning, or sales support management role.
Experience successfully managing analytically rigorous corporate initiatives.

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