Senior Merchandiser

Job Description

  • Job Title Others
  • Salary 30,000 INR

Required Skills



Responsibilities of a Senior Apparel Merchandiser:

  • Order collection,
  • Product development,
  • Pricing,
  • Order confirmation,
  • L/C opening,
  • Material sourcing,
  • Material collection,
  • Production planning,
  • Quality Assurance,
  • Final inspection,
  • Shipment.
  • 1. Order collection:

    At first, a senior apparel merchandiser has to collect export order from the buyer. It can be done by using e-mail or directly from the buyer. In most cases, export orders are collected via e-mail.

    2. Product development:

    According to buyer’s instruction, a senior garment merchandiser has to develop the ordered item and approve from the buyer.

    3. Pricing:

    In the mean time, a senior apparel merchandiser should negotiate about the product price with the buyer and confirm the pricing of that.

    4. Order confirmation:

    Here, a senior garment merchandiser should confirm the order details from the buyer such as quantity, size etc.

    5. L/C opening:

    L/C opening is very important for an export order. Here, a senior garment merchandiser should confirm all the details about L/C with the help of commercial department.

    6. Material sourcing:

    Material sourcing capability is an important qualification for a senior garment merchandiser. He has to maintain strong relationship with the suppliers, so that any item can manage in timely.

    7. Material collection:

    Before going to the garment production, a senior apparel merchandiser must in-house all the necessary materials. In-time material collection will help him to respect the shipment date.

    8. Production planning:

    Production planning has a great importance for each export order. Accurate production planning will help a senior apparel merchandiser not only for achieving targeted production but also shipping the goods in its right time.

    9. Quality Assurance:

    Today’s ready-made garment business is totally related with right quality. Quality is the first priority here. In this case, a senior garment merchandiser should assure the products quality by using all possible ways.

    10. Final inspection:

    According to buyer’s instruction, here a senior apparel merchandiser should arrange final inspection for the order, which provides clearance for that order, whether it is perfect for shipping or not.

    11. Shipment:

    In this case, a senior garment merchandiser should ship all the goods with the help of commercial department, where commercial department submits all the shipping documents to the port.


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