Content Writer|| CA/Bcom/Finance|| Binary Semantics LTD

Job Description

  • Job Title Journalism, Editing, Content
  • Salary 450,000 INR

Required Skills

School Degree


Get to know us- We are a global company with a range of Value-driven Products, Solutions, Services and Experiences encompassing SaaS, PaaS broadly XaaS, Hybrid and Enterprise.

We firmly believe that the experiential world of tomorrow is going to be interconnected with API's and Microservices enabling the transformation to customer Experiences.

We provide Fixed, Subscription or usage-based Pricing Models giving customers choice and value drivers suited to their context/ scenarios.

The list of our gold and silver partners and alliances includes Maplesoft, SAS, Microsoft, Oracle and more

How we bring change:

We leverage our strong technology expertise and deep industry knowledge coupled with focus on customer experience for XaaS like

- Insurance Distribution & Aggregation

- IOT and vehicle telematics

- GST Return filing and Invoicing

- E-way Bill

- e-Invoicing

- Mobile Workforce

- Logistics Process Automation

- Consignment Tracking

- High Value Goods Security

- Fuel Management

- Employee Transport Management

- Analytics and BI (Business Intelligence)

Our XaaS based Products and productised services ecosystem brings transformational changes in several industry areas by optimization of resources, costs, and processes.

Your Role:

Create and deliver engaging marketing communications by research, co-ordination, and relevant Industry knowledge.

What you will do:

  • In-depth understanding of target profile and come up with engaging content for the defined personas.
  • Create organization-standard marketing content.
  • Develop, organize, and write eBooks, blogs, case studies, social media content, newsletters and any other relevant marketing content by gathering information from subject matter experts, analysts, and secondary research. • Develop a strong understanding of products to create concise, polished, engaging content.
  • Develop a strong understanding of products and services to create concise, polished, engaging content.
  • Write audience-friendly content that turns insights into User-friendly language
  • Evaluate content and develop improvements.
  • Focused on synthesizing and explaining complex topics. Evoke emotion creating action and generating demand.
  • Work collaboratively with the content team, graphic designers, analysts, and Subject Matter experts.
  • To look at how to use images, lists, charts, infographics, and headings to increase usability and enhance content.
  • Maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand personality throughout all content.

Beyond (How you will grow and what more you can do):

  • Take responsibility- Learn new skills, grow as a person and a professional, inculcate skills and Learnings in yourself and others.
  • Realize your Capabilities & Potentials- take ownership and build synergies to collaborate and help everyone around you.
  • Be involved, come up with innovative ideas and take initiatives.

The skills you need to bring along-

  • BCom/CA or any other relevant courses/degree/experience to meet the industry knowledge requirements in Finance, taxation, insurance and some knowledge about software and technology.
  • Minimum of 1-2 years' experience in the field as a competent writer.
  • Demonstrated aptitude for acquiring and comprehending complex material and topics.
  • Superior written and verbal communication abilities, as well as a sharp eye



Contact: 8587021720


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