Associate Project Manager - Data Annotations

Job Description

  • Job Title Human Resources


About Company
Company Name - Telus International
Location - Bengaluru (Work from the office)
Designation - Associate Project Manager
What Company Does -
Our mission is to expedite the AI age. ML models are trained on structured labeled data. We help companies to convert unstructured data into structured data which is used as a training dataset to improve ML model accuracy.
We work with 100+ customers and created over 1.5B+ annotations via our proprietary state-of-the-art tooling. We've grown ~90% YoY for the last 3 years, are profitable, and have been a leading player in computer vision globally.
We’ve built a truly industry agnostic platform to support the growing needs of our customers. Eg of our customer use cases - Automotive companies build self-driving capabilities, Insurance companies for claim processing & damage detection, Retail companies for shelf tracking, Drone/Satellite imagery for terrain analysis, E-commerce for cataloging & visual object understanding, etc.
Role description
Solving interesting problems. You would be working with our customers to understand their requirements, collaborate with Project Managers to design solutions, play around with data to target the right set of users for the project and ensure timely fulfillment of projects.
What you’d be doing?

Working closely with the Engagement managers to deliver complex projects.
Come up with innovative solutions for the new and existing problems.
Designing solutions creatively breaking down large problems into micro-tasks that would be solved by users on the app.
Create micro-tasks & workflows on internal tools via user-centric designs
Planning and executing projects end-to-end with complete ownership.
Collaborating with multiple teams to ensure timely delivery of projects.
Day-to-day client interaction and expectations for multiple large-scale projects.
Proactively execute changes in project scope, identify potential crises, and devise contingency plans.
Traveling to client locations for Project stints.


Undergraduate from engineering institutes
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. (MS Excel and SQL is a must)
Ability to work independently and aggressively track to project timelines.
Strong communication skills.
Team player and a great collaborator.
Gets adrenaline rush in fire-fighting situations.
Strong attention to detail.
Past experience (full time or internship) working with any tech company/start-up is a plus.


Shaping the Future- AI is going to impact the world in more than ways we can imagine. Working at Telus International, you'll be at the forefront of this revolution. Imagine the early days when Flipkart was shaping eCommerce or InMobi was shaping the AdTech industry globally.
Autonomous Vehicles- Autonomous vehicle technology changing the transportation industry. Over $100Bn have been invested by leading investors and automakers. We are the only Indian startup working in this domain.
International Exposure- We interact with CXOs of revolutionary AI companies - Daily. And it's not limited to founders or the Business team. Our developers attend sales calls, and project managers help maintain customer relationships. If required, you get to travel internationally too!
Young, smart & driven team- The only thing that helps us sleep at night is if we know that we've solved more problems than surfaced on any particular day. We're young, extremely motivated and always ready for a game of Counter Strike.
Great Pay & Perks- We work out of a nice, cozy office out of the Tech-Hub of India. Keep you full with food on the house (Breakfast, lunch, and snacks). Provide health and accidental insurance for yourself and your family. Have outings and town-halls every month. AND offer great pay.

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