Project Manager Civil for construction company

Job Description


Project Manager Civil
-Minimum 15-20 years of experience is required
-To ensure the timely and cost-efficient completion of construction project.
- Complete Construction Project Planning Processes
- Managing on-site construction personnel. They are responsible for negotiating the contracts of subcontractors, communicating with inspectors and architects, meeting with construction
managers, and coordinating the delivery of materials with vendors.
- To generate reports focusing on project progress, job status, and costs. They usually attend weekly or biweekly meetings to present progress information to superiors.
- Constantly taking care of the budget boundaries and cost estimations during whole project duration.
- Planning and strategizing vigorously and making sure to complete the project on given deadline. Plan all construction operations and schedule intermediate phases to ensure deadlines will be met
- Coordinate with client side, understanding their needs and ensuring smooth workflow at site.
- Ensure adherence to all health and safety standards, Compliance with Safety norms and guidelines strictly at site.
- Determine needed resources (manpower, equipment and materials) from start to finish with attention to budgetary limitations.
- Obtain permits and licenses from appropriate authorities

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