Cost Accountant

Job Description

Required Skills





: 5 to 6 lakhs


: Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


: 1


: Any graduate


: Male


: 3 to 6 years

1. Preparation, implementation, monitoring & reporting of the project cost center
2. Forecasting the cash flow positions related to burrowing needs and available funds from HO for cost center
3. Prepare and analyze the regular financial report particularly monthly variation analysis cost center- wise
4. Support the operations and sales backend team in mostly reporting and forecasting for the project for their long term planning
5. Tracing costs back to underlying activities, performing cost analysis
6. Monitor cost- effective data to provide costing info
7. Planning, Studying, and collecting data to determine costs of business activity such as raw material purchases, inventory and labor
8. Analyzing data collected and recording results
9. Maintaining Cost Accounting System
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