Remote Subsea Engineer - Facilities & Equipments

Job Description

Required Skills


School Degree


Upstream/IG Production Support

Technical Asset Operations

Subdivision and Department (or other) Data Upstream/Downstream/IG/LNG F&E Chennai

Job Title
Sr. Process Data Engineer Facilities & Equipment

Supervisor Job Title- Team Manager - F&E

Skill Pool Remote Subsea Engineer (JG6)

Job Purpose
Subsea Engineer to provide remote / virtual support for the Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of subsea equipment / assets and provide subsea technical input to associated topsides maintenance / reliability discussions / decisions.
To get involved in Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and related improvement activities with dedicated assets. Assure Integrity and Extended Asset Life, so engineer must ensure implementation of good practices related to Inspection, repair & maintenance through various remote supports. So that we can maintain the infrastructure of a production asset throughout its operating life. An inspection engineer working for an energy company keeps track of the condition of Subsea equipments & structures., They make sure all hardware functions properly and efficiently and complies with government codes and standards. Sub Sea engineers go over the data acquired from testing all the equipment and structures, determining the best course of action for maintenance routines and procedures. If equipment ends up being faulty or dangerous, the engineer advises an appropriate course of action.


Financial Dimensions
In partnership with Process Managers and stakeholders, can demonstrate the advantages of structured and detailed Subsea equipments and structures within their appointed sites, plants and locations or OUs.

Business Dimensions
Perform Subsea Engineer role and other technical functions, with scope covering technical data and documents of the operating units, manufacturing sites, chemical plants, supply chain and distribution locations.
This role is expected to help in implementing the standard maintenance strategy for subsea equipments & Structures in various operating units across the globe.
Technical Support that enables the operating units, Sites to leverage the benefits of utilizing the Engineering Services, Technical support, maintenance strategy to the fullest extent.
Leadership in Group and FOD efforts to Standardize maintenance strategies, tools, benchmarks, standards and best practices. May also be assigned to lead an FOD assigned Sites, OUs or Project
The role covers relationship management with several Upstream, downstream and Integrated Gas OUs.

Principal Accountabilities

principal results expected from the job
Key Accountabilities
1. Remote Subsea Engineer is responsible for initial preparation of scopes of work for intervention programs and for update following Primary Subsea Engineer Review.
2. Remote Subsea Engineer will support Primary Subsea Engineer in managing interface between the diving or ROV contractor and Asset when developing the detailed procedures, equipment lists, deck plans and any other relevant requirements.
3. Remote Subsea Engineer drafts all scopes of work and conducts initial review of contractor procedures to ensure all subsea work is in full compliance with Shells Diving and ROV Subsea Safety Management System Primary Subsea Engineer has accountability for sign off.
4. Remote Subsea Engineer will provide 24/7 document and procedural review / update support to Primary Subsea Engineer when they are performing the role of Client Worksite Representative offshore.
5. Remote Subsea Engineer will support Primary Subsea Engineer in reviewing cost estimates and associated schedules ensuring appropriate control over the project specific budgets and schedules by interfacing directly with the project cost control & planning engineers

Key Challenges

key challenges to be faced in this job This role exposes the individual to stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds located across different time zones.The work comes in peaks and the person needs to be very good in prioritization and managing stakeholder expectations, resilient under pressure.Should be able to guide the team and steer them through the tough/demanding situations and contribute in terms of technical clarifications.Candidate must be aware of Value engineering concepts.Confidence to work in virtual environment and managing engagement across different levels of stakeholders, including senior management for day to day operations. Includes initiative to identify and help resolve business and technical issues within areas of responsibility. Sound understanding of business/process workflow and having mature mindset to deal and behave under tough/challenging situations.Strong proficiency in using English for both spoken and written communication, as well as using Office Communicator, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Outlook, etc.Shift work following operating hours of the production sites, manufacturing sites, chemical plants, supply chain and distribution location.Resilient under pressure and able to work with people different culture and working style.Willing to travel to various operating units/sites across the globe as per requirements.A self-starter leader and reliable deliverer, with very good verbal and written skills in English, able to negotiate with people, and able to resist undue influence that might otherwise compromise integrity of data quality.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Experience

Educational background, qualifications and experience typically required to perform the job
Mandatory Requirements: - University Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related full-time university degree.Minimum 5 + years of overall working experience in in Oil & Gas with experience in One or more than one of following areas: -working in the subsea industry with good working knowledge of subsea construction, diving and ROV inspection, repairs and maintenance (IRM).Must have credibility within Subsea Engineering communityAbility to manage challenging performance discussions with contractorsDesign, maintenance, troubleshooting experience and Knowledge of Subsea equipments & structuresfamiliarity with: TEMA, ASME, API, ASTM and AISI codes ASTM D4228-05 Standard Practice
Desirables: -
Experience in Technical Data and Documents management including processes and tools. For example, experience in SAP PM & MM module implementation, skill in MS Office tools like Excel and Access etc.
Proficiency in working with AutoCAD etc., shall be an added advantage.
Experience in leading team/process/projects is highly desirable.
Knowledge of SAP PM/MM is preferable.
Effective communication skill and stakeholder management is a necessary skill for the job.
Knowledge of Lean CI methodology is an added value.
Able to multi-task, prioritize and ensure delivery of priorities as promised, work without close supervision, and work through others to deliver results.
Virtual working experience is highly desirable.
Professional Engineering certification is an added value.
Other key attributes of Subsea engineer:Awareness of corrosion fundamentals such as properties of a coating, coating classification and modes of protection.Should be aware and able to Utilize non-destructive test instruments such as wet-film and dry-film thickness gauges and low and high voltage holiday detectorsShould be able to identify quality control issues, recognizing design and fabrication defects and coating failure modesShould be able to Utilize Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and product technical data sheetsShould be able to demonstrate the purpose and content of Logbook and report documentation.
Other Skills, Competence and Behavior:
Detailed grasp of the context of use of technical data and documentation within technical data processes, Ability to deal effectively with complexity and detail. Demonstrated ability to lead your associate engineering analysts on your team or on data projets.
Ability to prioritize and ensure delivery of priorities for the area of responsibility. Flexible and adaptable to change, with track record of demonstrating initiative, analytical capabilities and problem solving.
Candidate from anywhere in india can apply